7 Tips to Improve Your Cold Storage Efficiency in Nigeria

The cold storage facility is no doubt a very essential part of the life of every consumer in Nigeria, even though the interaction of most people with cold storage is limited to freezers and fridges. As essential as they are, they require some form of maintenance in order to ensure that they get to operate properly.  As much as you need the help of cold room manufacturers in Nigeria or storage contractor in providing a maintenance and inspection schedule, there are few actions you can take as the owner to help improve its functionality and efficiency. While there is no simple solution to help improve efficiency, there are a number of factors you should take into account and things you can do to optimize the efficiency of your cold storage facility in Nigeria. Below are some tips to help improve the efficiency of your cold storage.

Keep the fan and condenser unit free from debris

Every cold storage unit comes with a condenser unit found on the outside of the facility. This unit employs the use of a fan to remove heat from the facility. To ensure that the air flows maximally, it is important to keep the fan and condenser clear of any construction such as debris.

Ensure the doors are properly sealed

A cold storage system operates on trapped refrigerated air. This is why it is important that the condition of the door or seals be regularly checked. Anytime there is a fault with this component, the cooling system is made to work harder in order to maintain its low temperature. In the end, this drives up the running cost in Nigeria. Any door or seal is either cracked or broken should be replaced as soon as possible.

Regularly check your walls and ceiling

One of the foremost signs of something being wrong with your cold storage is the appearance of discoloration. Also, any occurrence of a shift or crack which is an indicator of structural damage should be addressed as soon as possible. You should also lookout for any signs of mold or rot. The concrete floors should be as dry as possible at all times.

Regular examination of the evaporator coils

Every cooling comes with an evaporator coil. This component is similar in looks to the radiator found in vehicles and features a fan hanging from the ceiling. Its function is to lower the air’s temperature by absorbing the heat with the help of refrigerant. The less airflow restriction it has, the better it functions. Thus it needs to be closely examined and kept clean all the time.

Keep track of the temperature

The functionality of any cooling system obviously centers on the temperature produced. A close eye should be kept on the inside temperature of the cold storage. In the event of any noticeable change or difference from the standard or original measure, a refrigeration contractor should be called upon. This is most of the time a sign of an issue.

Regularly examine the condition of the facility

As much nobody expects anything bad happening, sometimes it happens. It is only wise to be on the lookout for any fault on the system. This may be as a result of use, the effect of wind or activities of animals in Nigeria. Thus, routinely check the roof vents and eaves, foundations and outside walls for any sign of faults.

Ensure proper sanitation of the building

It is recommended that a proper sanitation should be done prior to the use of a cold storage in Nigeria. This goes a long way to ensuring that eliminating the presence and spread of any decay-causing organism. This may involve the help of a cold storage contractor in Nigeria, particularly with providing a maintenance or inspection schedule.

Tips to Improve Your Cold Storage Efficiency in Nigeria

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