Portable Cabin In Nigeria – The Benefits Of Porta Cabin Over Traditional Buildings

Cabins are built for their easy mobility and they are usually a fast solution for either shelter or office space. Though they are more rampant in America and Europe, the use of portable cabin in Nigeria is quickly gathering pace due to the qualities it offers its users.

Through this article, we will discuss the qualities of a good, portable cabin in Nigeria which makes it a viable option over cement and brick constructions.

Why the Rise of Portable Cabins Usage in Nigeria

Portable cabin in Nigeria is fast becoming the new trend because it comes in different shapes and sizes to fit the specifications of the user. Portable cabins can either be simple or complex through the joining of units to form a large block of cabins. Though they are termed temporary structures, a portable cabin possesses qualities of our traditional homes and offices.

6 Reasons Porta Cabin Is a Viable Option over Cement and Brick Constructions

  • Mobility

Portable cabins are always designed for temporary use and easy mobility. This means they can easily be moved from one place to another without damaging its features or initial design. Portable cabins in Nigeria can be used as an office space or as an on-site shelter for a staff of real estate industries, FIM industry, and mobile networking. After it’s used on a particular site, it can be moved to the next one without any issues arising.

  • Durability

The fact that portable cabins are meant for temporary use does not mean that it is meant for a single use. Since it can be moved around from one point to another, it is constructed to resist wear and decay in order to last longer. Portable cabins in Nigeria are constructed to be durable due to the harsh weather conditions experienced in this part of the world

  • Affordability

Portable cabin in Nigeria is less capital intensive compared to the huge amounts spent in constructing contemporary cement and brick homes. This is due to the cheap materials used in setting up a portable cabin from scratch to finish. Materials used in the construction of a portable cabin in Nigeria include prefabricated sandwich panels, PVC, galvanized iron, durable plywood; all of which are relatively inexpensive in Nigeria today.

  • Flexibility

Portable cabins allow users the freedom to modify the initial design to suit the user’s taste. Different circumstances might call for changes in the design of a portable house to either increase the size or add more units to the already built portable cabin. The flexibility of portable cabin allows for all these modifications to be executed.

  • Time efficient

Depending on the design, construction of portable cabin in Nigeria takes up to 12 weeks. This saves more time compared to the conventional home and office constructions which take at least 6 months to build to completion. There are also options to place orders on preferred portable cabins in Nigeria, where the expected delivery time is with 12-14 days.

  • Space Efficient

The size of a modular rectangular portable cabin in Nigeria measures 20 × 10 feet which is big enough to sufficiently contain more than 5 people at a time. This is because its walls are less thicker than conventional homes or offices. This leaves enough space for any future expansion of the portable cabin or any other function, depending on the user.


Building a portable cabin in Nigeria has never been easier due to its increased popularity and use, especially as a result of the benefits it offers to prospective users. More and more people are seeing the better qualities erecting a portable cabin in Nigeria offers. We do hope that this article will enlighten you about some of the many qualities of a portable cabin.

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