Atlas Italia Nigeria Limited came into operation in 2008 as a partner with Atlas Italia of Italy. Its entire make up is truly Nigerian. It is a company of the moment poised to give out its best to all and sundry that come up to it.

Our service is structured in such a way that customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective. This emanates from the fact that ATLAS ITALIA NIGERIA products – refrigerators and others are both inexpensive and never stop working. We start worrying about performance, life span, response to design specifications and operating costs
from the word go.

One thing so peculiar with us is that we don’t abandon our clients after doing business with him or her. We are always available. Our able and faithful clients can testify to this.

The materials and parts we use are of the highest quality with the latest technologies associated with it. Though our specialty is in the food refrigeration, we can efficiently intervene in other sectors as stated below:

Routine maintenance  contracts
Supply of equipments
Technical assistance – both far and near
Supply of complete systems
Supply of spare parts
System design, feasibility studies and consultation
Personnel training
Systems assembly
Repairs and modifications and
Supply of new solutions.

Come and have a chart with us. Together your experience and our technology will guarantee the best product.